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Fortinet Newsroom

Kabel für CONSOLE

Serial cable pinouts for console access


Replacing Old ASA With FortiGate 1500D

- Admin Guides
- Help
Einrichtung und Konfiguration
- Network Konfig Network
- DHCP servers and relays Konfig DHCP
- VoIP-ALG Konfig VoIP-ALG
  config system dhcp server 
Fehler, Troubleshooting, Disgnose
- Technical Note: FortiGate or FortiClient Enterprise Management Server (EMS) not found
- Troubleshooting
- Diagnose
- fortigateflashfailure
- Flash Errors
- flash_scann
- [1]
- hqip
- over
- hqip help
Upgrading Fortigate Firewall
   get system status
- update path [2]
- Upgrading FortiOS Supported Update Paths FortiOS
- Firmware per TFTP Anleitung
- Download firmware [3] If you register the device to your account and sign up for the free trial of FortiGuard services, you'll get access to the firmware downloads for a month.
- Download Server nicht von Fortigate, es gibt es doch: Hier für 40C
- Download Server FTP Download Seite
- Factory Reset CLI exec factoryreset
- [4]

    exec factoryreset
Product Life Cycle Fortigate 40C

Dear Paul There is a link in with name "Product Life Cycle". It shows that when Fortinet stops support of all models. Your product is not in this list yet.I think it will be add tomorrow. But because it's similar to 20C I copy details of this model from that link: ProductLast Order Date (LOD) End of Order (EOO)Last Date to Extend Maintenance ContractsEnd-of-SupportFortiGate-20C2014-08-162018-08-162019-08-16I think Fortinet stops producing this model today. But you still can have any order of this model for 2 or 3 month. Also firmware supports will be continue after 4 years. You can order any FortiGuard services until end of 2020. It means "Product Life Cycle" .

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