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Check_MK Agent download

Check_MK Agents für Linux, Windows und andere Systeme die auf einen einzelnen Host installiert werden können, befinden sich auf dem Check_MK/Nagios Server, und können von dort geladen werden.

Installation Agent
Monitoring Windows with Check_MK
Installing the Linux agent
Monitoring VMWare ESX with Check_MK
Check_MK Config

Quick setup OMD auf

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (2.6.32-042stab127.2).

 apt-get install gdebi-core
 apt-get install curl
 apt-get update
 apt-get update --fix-missing
 gdebi check-mk-raw-1.5.0p7_0.xenial_amd64.deb
 omd version
 omd sites
 omd create ttt
 omd start ttt



Check MK Windows Agent

Geting started

 SITE             VERSION          COMMENTS
 root@mail:~# omd create ttt
 Adding /opt/omd/sites/ttt/tmp to /etc/fstab.
 Creating temporary filesystem /omd/sites/ttt/tmp...OK
 Restarting Apache...OK
 Created new site ttt with version 1.5.0p7.cre.
 The site can be started with omd start ttt.
 The default web UI is available at http://mail/ttt/
 The admin user for the web applications is cmkadmin with password: xxxuuuaaa
 (It can be changed with 'htpasswd -m ~/etc/htpasswd cmkadmin' as site user.)
 Please do a su - ttt for administration of this site.

root@mail:~# omd help
Usage (called as root):
omd help                               Show general help
omd setup                              Prepare operating system for OMD (installs packages)
omd uninstall                          Remove OMD and all sites!
omd setversion VERSION                 Sets the default version of OMD which will be used by new sites
omd version    [SITE]                  Show version of OMD
omd versions                           List installed OMD versions
omd sites                              Show list of sites
omd create     SITE                    Create a new site (-u UID, -g GID)
omd init       SITE                    Populate site directory with default files and enable the site
omd rm         SITE                    Remove a site (and its data)
omd disable    SITE                    Disable a site (stop it, unmount tmpfs, remove Apache hook)
omd enable     SITE                    Enable a site (reenable a formerly disabled site)
omd mv         SITE NEWNAME            Rename a site
omd cp         SITE NEWNAME            Make a copy of a site
omd update     SITE                    Update site to other version of OMD
omd start      [SITE] [SERVICE]        Start services of one or all sites
omd stop       [SITE] [SERVICE]        Stop services of site(s)
omd restart    [SITE] [SERVICE]        Restart services of site(s)
omd reload     [SITE] [SERVICE]        Reload services of site(s)
omd status     [SITE] [SERVICE]        Show status of services of site(s)
omd config     SITE ...                Show and set site configuration parameters
omd diff       SITE ([RELBASE])        Shows differences compared to the original version files
omd su         SITE                    Run a shell as a site-user
omd umount     [SITE]                  Umount ramdisk volumes of site(s)
omd backup     SITE [SITE] [-|ARCHIVE_PATH] Create a backup tarball of a site, writing it to a file or stdout
omd restore    [SITE] [-|ARCHIVE_PATH] Restores the backup of a site to an existing site or creates a new site
General Options:
-V <version>                    set specific version, useful in combination with update/create
omd COMMAND -h, --help          show available options of COMMAND