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cryptostiltskin: There's big money in the advertising business and 2FLAV is not in the market. Let's go 2FLAV!
lxtikk: cryptostiltskin, 2FLAV is music coin best ever will be 2k one day
edr is great , just great , it is paying 0.65% perday, it you keep it in the site wallet , not in yobit,
CryptoPumps: look at OMC Omicron 11BTC buy support! delta(.)investments BTC dividends this weekend!
CryptoPumps: A minimum sum of 10,000 Omicron in a single address is required to receive bi-weekly dividends.
CryptoPumps: I got 30% ROI in 6 Weeks (about 10% every 2 weeks) see bitcointalk ANN
apitico L1: CryptoPumps, that dev is nº1
8.11.2016 kashif: blry rising up tonight at 1500s
6.11.2016 placebo1977: anagamidev, really? i thought i had 34,063,091 LIR in my wallet :D
6.11.2016 placebo1977: i bought enough PSI.... will wait for the next pump
6.11.2016 MTLMC3 interessant @6 @4 @3 sell @12
5.11.2016 ZOOM, AMBER, KTK
4.11.2016 gregofdoom L3: XDE II. 100% POSP!! ** CRITICAL UPDATE TO V1.70 NOW **!!! The beautiful wallet: LOW supply 21,000 coins Low inflation. At block 160,000. We change to 25% POS. This keeps price stable - Very RARE :)
4.11.2016 gauzak5, EDR can wait.... it won't move up 50% like JOBS
4.11.2016 Link gauzak5, I bought EDR. I'm trading with that for 2 months. I've earned 1,5 BTC