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Qualitätstests von AV

Beste Unternehmenssicherheit

(durchschnittliche Punktzahl für Schutzwirkung, Systembelastung und Benutzbarkeit)

Beste Performance

Quellen: AV-TEST.ORG


AVAST Bussines

What's new To make full use of all new features and bugfixes, it is important that you upgrade all of your ESMC components to the latest available version.More.. ESET Full Disk Encryption (add-on feature) ESET Full Disk Encryption provides powerful encryption managed natively by ESET remote management consoles, and improves your organization’s data security to meet compliance regulations. It allows one-click deployment and initialization of the encryption with all the remaining workflows fully integrated via single pane of glass. Learn more Tags Mark relevant objects (e.g. computers ) with any number of completely user-definable tags. These tags can then be used to easily identify and find sets of related objects. These tags are independent of existing structures such as Active Directory and can provide a fully customized way of organizing the most important items in the console. Example: You might assign a tag “VIP” to computers that belong to particularly important employees as well as policies and tasks meant specifically for those. All these objects can then be identified easily at any time. MSP Automation Framework ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) is now fully integrated with ESET MSP Administrator 2 (EMA). This means that provisioning new customers is easier than ever before. After a new customer is added to EMA, it will automatically be synchronized with ESMC, and in just few easy steps a preconfigured installer, or a user with limited access to your management console can be created. Customers are automatically reflected in the group tree of ESMC and related objects are tagged with the customer name. Easier and safer exclusions ESET is always thriving to improve its detections capabilities. For this sake we are adding the “Advanced machine learning module” to our managed security products, and are improving the workflow of detection handling. New, more flexible, scanner settings defining detection sensitivity and handling of infections combined with a new wizard for the creation of exclusions is introduced to streamline the work with our products and further improve customer’s security posture. A new dedicated screen to manage all detection exclusions further increases visibility and reduces management workload. Learn more Usability Improvements Based on feedback, we are focusing on improving important workflows and enhancing the experience of our users. In the new version we are bringing dozens of smaller improvements: Tables Unified table design Customizable side panel Searching in the side panel Context menu now applies to all selected rows Export of tables across all the main screens Information and guidance on empty tables Filtering Improved filtering across all main screens Threats (Detections) Renamed to Detections Updated layout - details showing also broader security context of the computer View now include data from “filtered websites” Detections are aggregated by time and other criteria to simplify management and resolving (aggregation is performed automatically after 24 hours) Reports One-click report generation Tasks Client and Server tasks merged into one view Redesigned Tasks screen for better usability One-click actions from Task Executions Installers Enhanced installers screen with installer status Create combined installer with ESET Full Disk Encryption Policies Redesigned Policies screen for better usability Notifications Redesigned of Notifications screen for better usability Notifications now include static group hierarchy for better readability Licenses Redesigned License Management screen for better performance and usability Possibility to deactivate individual products Possibility to add licenses by local administrators Main Navigation Adjusted structure of Help and Quick Links Dynamic groups Export and import of dynamic group templates New dynamic groups (e.g. No manageable security product) All in one Installer for Windows improvements Simpler installation workflows, upgrade of whole installation or individual components for server installations on Windows.


ESET Remover
Entfernungsprogramme (Deinstallationsprogramme) für gängige Virenschutzprogramme


ERA ESET RemoteAdministrator Log

EMSX Mailbox Count tool
ESET Remote Administrator Konsole installieren und konfigurieren
ESET Remote Administrator 4 Installations- und Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
ESET Remote Administrator 5 Installations- und Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
ESET Remote Administrator 6 Installations- und Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Verwendete Ports
  Protokol Port Beschreibung
  TCP 2221 (ERAS ankommend) Standardport für den HTTP-Server des integrierten Update-Mirrors von ERAS
  TCP 2222 (ERAS ankommend) Kommunikation zwischen Clients und ERAS
  TCP 2223 (ERAS ankommend) Kommunikation zwischen ERAC und ERAS
  Protokoll Port Beschreibung
  TCP 2224 (ERAS ankommend) Kommunikation zwischen dem Agenten einstaller.exe und ERAS bei einer Remoteinstallation
  TCP 2846 (ERAS ankommend) ERAS-Replikation
  TCP 139 (ERAS abgehend) Kopieren des Agenten einstaller.exe von ERAS auf einen Client über die administrative Freigabe admin$
  UDP 137 (ERAS abgehend) Namensauflösung bei der Remoteinstallation
  UDP 138 (ERAS abgehend) Computersuche bei der Remoteinstallation
  TCP 445 (ERAS abgehend) Direkter Zugriff auf freigegebene Ressourcen über TCP/IP bei der Remoteinstallation (Alternative zu TCP 139)

Die vordefinierten Ports 2221, 2222, 2223, 2224 und 2846 können geändert werden, wenn sie bereits durch andere Anwendungen genutzt werden.

ERA Server

Die ERAS-Programmkomponenten werden standardmäßig im folgenden Ordner installiert:

  %ProgramFiles%\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server

Zusatzdaten wie Logs, Installationspakete, Konfigurationsdaten usw. werden im folgenden Ordner gespeichert:

  %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Anwendungsdaten \ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server

Der ERAS-Dienst wird nach der Installation automatisch gestartet. Die Aktivität des ERAS-Dienstes wird in der folgenden Datei protokolliert:

  %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Anwendungsdaten\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\logs\era.log

G Data

Deinstallation mit dem AVCleaner